Seeing is believing
experiencing is knowing

an immersive experience that lets you visit your baby in the womb.

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What is VR Peekaboo?

At VR Peekaboo, we help you see and experience your soon-to-be-born baby. We do that by converting ultrasound scans into virtual reality in order to give you the most real “first-time” encounter with your baby, designed to give a new sort of closeness and fun.

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“9 months is a really long time, you become so curious what the baby looks like, whose nose and eyes will it have.”

- Kathy, mother of two

“It is such a beautiful experience to view your baby.”

- Eveline, expectant mother

"It is sort of like a first meeting with your baby."

- Tom, father

"You get a better idea of how it is for the baby to live inside of you."

- Maxime, expectant mother


Nitzan Merguei

Nitzan Merguei

Co-founder, Business driver

Doer to the core. Focuses on early stage startup development, business strategy, and lean startup methodology.

Piotr Podziemski

Piotr Podziemski, PhD

Co-founder, Tech driver

Physicist, engineer, software developer. Moved from research to startups to experiment with new visualization techniques. Crazy about light-fields.

Dennis Croonenberg

Dennis Croonenberg, PhD

VR Wizard

Neuroscientist, programmer and technology-enthousiast. Used VR to investigate spatial processing in the human brain before moving to VR Peekaboo.

Wanjiku Githegi

Wanjiku Githegi

Finance Analysis

Master's student with rooted background in finance,prior experience in treasury sales and investment management. Passion for financial analysis and modelling.

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